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Essential Maintenance Tricks That Would Prolong the Life of Your Driveway

How to Avoid Costly Concrete Driveway Repair?

Concrete is very durable. With proper maintenance and care, they could even last for a century. Many factors can affect the lifespan of your concrete, and one of that is poor maintenance. By paying attention to the structure’s condition and needs, you could have a durable concrete that could be passed down to the generation! Here are some useful tips on how to avoid costly concrete driveway repair in the future:

Keep it clean

Stains and grimes damaged the beauty of your driveway. When left alone, they create tiny pores that trap rainwater and dust. Even concrete is vulnerable to water. Although the damage is gradual, this problem would affect the concrete lifespan, prompting you to get a concrete driveway repair sooner than expected. To avoid this, call the power or pressure washing company for stain and dust removal.

Keep it sealed

To keep grime and stains from penetrating the concrete, you could apply a sealant on your driveway. This material might not carry an aesthetic benefit to your driveway but it could prolong its life. The schedule for the application might depend on the type of concrete you’re using, the state of the driveway, and the traffic in the area. Normally, if you have an asphalt concrete, you have to seal it once every three years.

Keep it away from deicing chemicals

Concrete is porous. It absorbs water. This is the main reasons why countries with four seasons have to allocate more budget on their road improvements and rehabilitations. Once the snow thawed, water will find its way into the structure.

To make the road safer to navigate, homeowners use salt on icy roads and sidewalks. It might be cheap but these deicing chemicals are considered harmful to your driveway. It can cause spalling and scaling. Products containing ammonium sulphates and ammonium nitrates attack the chemical composition of the concrete, making it less durable.

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